Amnesty for Tax Penalties Extended Till 21st Dec 2018

//Amnesty for Tax Penalties Extended Till 21st Dec 2018

Amnesty for Tax Penalties Extended Till 21st Dec 2018


On Oct 28, 2018 Ministry of Finance during a press conference informed of extension of the 95% tax penalty exemption until the end of FY-1397 (21st Dec 2018).
What is your Organization’s tax STATUS? Have you taken Advantage of this opportunity?

The Amnesty is applicable on;

  • All form of an institution, company, proprietorship, limited liability, temporary partnership, temporary investment, union, any other form of for-profit organization and National and International NGOs.

Did you KNOW that;

  • Implementation of 95% tax penalty exemption procedures was approved in FY-1397 National Budget Principle
  •  Government has extended the exemption until the end of FY-1397 (21st Dec 2018)
  • In last 9 months more than 8,000 companies have settled their tax debts including large, medium and small taxpayers
  • Almost 60% of manufacturing companies made use of the exemption process and paid their tax debts

How could Lynx Eyed Chartered Accountants HELP your organization;

  • Preparing tax accounts
  • Income tax assessments
  • Filling all sorts of tax forms be it BRT, Withholding (Salary, Rental & Contractors)
  • Filling Annual Income Tax Returns for any of the years 2002-2017
  • Processing the file on your behalf at Small, Medium and Large Tax Payers Office.
  • And pay in full any overdue principal tax liabilities within the next 9 months, they will only have to remit 5% of the total associated tax penalties
  • Obtain clearance letters from Tax Office

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